Discovery of PowersEdit

Dax Jones discovered his powers when his half-sister, Alice Jones and his step-mother, Gina Jones, were out in town. Dax was locked outside, expected to weed the garden before getting locked in a shed.

He is described as having brown eyes and red-brown hair.

His best friend is Gideon Reader (at the Cola Club), and Clive (at Bark's End). He is also friends with Lisa Hardman and Mia Cooper (at Cola Club). He is also related to Spook Williams.

His father, Robert Jones, is an oil worker who is often away from home, leaving Dax with his step-mother Gina and his half-sister Alice. His father does not take much interest in him in the first four books, but in the fifth book he reveals why. Not much is known about his mother apart from her name Anita. She, against the rules of the senders, left Dax a cleftonique to contact the Quorat. It is known from Dax and Spook's time looking for the 'corridor' in Stirring the Storm that he has an Aunt and Cousin from the Quorat that are also shapeshifters. His aunt (Hessa) was shown to be a red bat-like creature. His Cousin (Carra) while also a shapeshifter did not show her forms.

Due to being able to shift into a fox, then pereguin falcon and most recently an otter, he was able to sense people's emotions, and Patrick Wood's attempts to charm people (including himself). His eye-sight was better than most peoples, and he could smell fear. He was immune to glamour illusions (all he could see was a shimmering in the air where the illusion was).

He can make also telepathic contact with Lisa, which is strongest when he is in fox form.