Fenton Lodge Edit

Fenton Lodge was a home for the COLAs, after their previous one, Tregarren College, was partially destroyed. It was a large manor house with expansive grounds. However, it was smaller than their previous home as when it was first chosen only 11 COLAs needed to be housed.

History Edit

The medical wing was mentioned to be one of the oldest surviving parts of the original place. The entire place had been around for roughly 500 years.

Rooms Edit

  1. Dorms
  2. Medical wing
  3. Dining hall (canteen)
  4. Kitchens
  5. Containment rooms (underground)
  6. Development rooms
  7. Classrooms
  8. Janey (Matron)'s office
  9. Chamber's office

Grounds Edit

Dax Jones had been given expressive permission to freely explore these grounds, which he enjoyed. In the grounds, there is a treehouse which Owen, Lisa, Mia, Dax, Gideon, Luke and to some extent Spook, Jacob, Alex, Barry, Clive, Darren and Jennifer made, by themselves. All by hand, although Gideon often caused accidents with nails, hammers and screws!