Francine was a French woman and the last carer for Catherine Reader . She was a character in the fourth book. She finds Catherine and Luke Reader whilst at sea and takes them to France. Catherine gets in her head and finds out that she had a daughter that died. She decides to take the place of the deceased daughter, and tells Francine that Luke was a mute, and handicapped. She then shuts off the part of Luke's brain that knows about language and speaking and charms Francine in to being a caring mother. Francine dotes for Catherine and can't bear to say no to her. Catherine, all the while, leeches the ability to speak French from her, leaving enough time for her to recharge. This way, both can speak French.

When Dax goes to rescue Luke, Francine was curious and scared when she finds him in the room. Dax explains how evil Catherine was, and she was shocked, and bursts in to tears. She was certain Catherine will stop if she was asked. Catherine suddenly appears, and says that she 'wishes she could' but she wasn't going to. She then crucifies Dax on the windmill where Francine lives, and laughs at him. While Francine goes in to the shed to get a bird cage for Dax to be trapped in, Catherine goes to leech Dax's shapeshifting ability from him. Francine rescues him by hitting Catherine with a shovel. She releases Dax and loads an unconscious Catherine in to her red hatchback car, then drives off.

When Catherine wakes up, she was furious. She orders Francine to turn in to a small lake and Francine and Catherine start to dig Luke's grave, even though Luke was still alive (despite the absorbing Catherine has been doing). Owen shoots Catherine and saves Luke, after a long battle, and Francine was left without her replacement daughter. Luke was taken away also, though she had never bonded with him as much as with his sister.