Going to Ground is the third book in Ali Sparkes Shapeshifter series.

The next book in the series is Dowsing the Dead.

It was first published in May 2007.


Following the events of Running the Risk, Dax and the other COLAs are sent homet to recover. However, during this time off, Lisa experiences a vision which warns her that Gideon is in deadly peril. Dax ignores Owen, and visits her. She tells him that she has seen Gideon surrounded by electricity.

She and Dax attempt to rescue him, only to discover that he is not actually in any sort of danger - at least not yet. But strange and unexplainable electrical faults are taking place all over the country, and the government seem to think that Gideon's powers are responsible, as he is a powerful telekinetic.

Now they will stop at nothing to find him and contain the threat they believe he poses. Gideon, Dax, Lisa and Mia, set off across the country, attempting to outwit their pursuers, while also trying to find the real cause of these electrical events to clear Gideon's name. They walk and travel by coach to Exmoor, camping and making false turns to mislead the agents they believe are following them.

They eventually end up at The Owl Box, the cottage lent to Dax by the journalist, Caroline Fisher, where they meet Clive, who explains the real reason why the government is after Gideon. Burnt into the ground by every elctrical pylon is the letter "G".