Marguerite is the maid, who is Spanish. She appears to be quite bossy and short-tempered, but is a very good cook. Gideon loves her food. When Dax is resting in the bath after his ordeal with the hunters, Gideon is brought in to help him, but when he questions Dax about how it happened, Marguerite bursts in to the room, scolds Gideon and sends him out of the room.

She had forgiven Gideon by the morning, giving him a grin when he asks for a ton of food, including eggs and bacon.

Everyone loves Marguerite's cooking. When Lisa suggests they have lunch early in to the second book, Dax and Gideon exchange excited glances.

Marguerite makes several appearances throughout the series, and Dax reckons that, at least at the start of Running the Risk , she has no idea about Gideon, Dax's, Mia Cooper 's and perhaps even Lisa's powers.