Warning! This page contains spoilers for Finding the Fox. Please read with Caution!

Patrick Wood was the principal of Tregarren College for Finding the Fox. He was the main antagonist in the first book.


Patrick Wood had dark brown eyes, brown hair and was lean and wiry. He also has a boyish appearance Dax Jones said:

"he looked like a slightly damaged Siamese cat, with a thin, rather battered-looking face and a very slight cross to his eyes."


Patrick Wood is a glamourist and used his charm to convince the Colas and the staff to take to him. Dax could see through this glamour, his animal instincts had kicked in. The last shapeshifter was Wolf Boy who also resisted his glamour, this wolf ended up dead on a highway. Patrick Wood tried to kill Dax, with a gun and dropping him down a mine shaft. He had also tried to kill Caroline Fisher the journalist. Once he was killed, Mrs Sartre took her place as principal.


Finding the Fox