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About The Shapeshifter series

The Shapeshifter is 2 series of books with one spin-off, written by Ali Sparkes, published between 2006 and 2016!

It is about children with supernatural abilities and talents, called COLAs, which stands for Children Of Limitless Ability.

The author is Ali Sparkes and this wiki is an encyclopedia of all things to do with the universe! We have much to offer and many features available, get immersed in this community!

Here is the book list in Chronological order:

This wiki contains spoilers of all Ali Sparkes' The Shapeshifter Series. Read with Caution!

==Featured Article==

Owen Hind

Owen Hind is an Agent for the Government whose original purpose was to find and bring the COLAs to Tregarren College.

He is described as stocky, tall with blue eyes and dark hair. He used to be a soldier. Owen is in his early thirties.

On his arm is the tattoo of a black eagle, which means protection, and he is very protective of the students. He can be ruthless, but is generally very caring. Dax Jones trusts him a lot, but in almost every book he feels as though Owen is betraying him. He is like a father figure to Dax.

In Finding the Fox

Owen first appears in Finding the Fox when Dax finds him talking to Gina in the front room, saying Dax has unique abilities and offers.........

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