Unleashed Series

Unleashed series

Unleashed: A life and Death job is the first book in the Unleashed series by Ali Sparkes. It is to be read after Stirring the Storm from the Shapeshifter series. It is followed by Unleashed: Trick or Truth and was first published in April 2013.


Reluctant psychic medium Lisa Hardman has finally got what she's wanted for months – a break from ]]COLA Club]] to go shopping in London with her best friend, Mia Cooper.

But within minutes of arriving at Harvey Nicks on a mission to spend, Lisa and Mia are drawn into a kidnap and murder plot on an international scale.

In a chase across London with cheesy (but slightly sexy) TV Psychic Michael and his attendant paparazzi, Lisa must outwit a haughty Russian heiress, trained killers and drowning by a rising tide – using only a spirit guide, some good running shoes and a lot of attitude.


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With many thanks to Neil White for his expert advice on
Special Operations rescue tactics.